Classes and Lessons

Have you thought about getting into fly fishing? Want to get better at casting? Not comfortable to book a trip yet? Want to learn how to tie some of your own stuff? I have some options for you. I can provide instruction for people of any age. I have experience casting in some of the toughest conditions and presenting a fly to finicky fish. I have years of experience on the vise tying the simplest of patterns to complex saltwater and streamer patterns. Sometimes getting a little taste of something will let you know if it’s something you want to dive head first into. Email or call me to set up what suits your needs and wants.

Fly Fishing 101

This class will teach you the basics of fly fishing. Everything from how the fly rod works, knots, fly selection. The list goes on.

$125 3 hours (per student); $50 for each requested additional hour

Casting Lessons

$45 per hour (per student)