Salmon River Smallmouth Trip Rates(Mid-May-July)

The Salmon River in Pulaski, NY is most well known for its prolific annual salmon run and steelhead. However, there is another species that makes an annual upper river spawning journey. Smallmouth bass are some of the most exciting fish to catch on fly. If you book at smallmouth trip. You’ll be tossing big streamers for some of the states largest and healthiest smallmouth. It is a little known gem here in upstate NY. These are full walk and wade trips. Wet wading or using waders, depending on air and water temperatures. Smallmouth trips will be primarily done on the DSR (Douglaston Salmon Run)

Full Day Walk and Wade $350 for 2 anglers; $300 for single angler

All flies, terminal tackle, rods/reels and non alcoholic beverages are included. You must bring your own lunch.