The Fishing

The Salmon River in Upstate NY is a little slice of Alaska tucked right next to Lake Ontario. The Salmon River offers anglers the opportunity to catch Chinook (King) Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead (Rainbow trout), Brown Trout, and the occasional Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. 
The fishing on the Salmon River is truly something to behold. The annual salmon run is fun, tiring, and full of big King’s. The annual salmon run also brings the Coho salmon into the river, these beauties are not caught as often, but when you get a nice colored up spawning Coho, it’s a sight to behold. 
As the annual run of salmon dies down, what I think are the true treasure of the Salmon River are the Steelhead. These gorgeous fish fight hard, make you work for them, and once you get your hand on them, all you can do is smile. 

Types of Fishing:

I personally enjoy having a fly rod in my hand, but spin fishing is also a fun way to catch all species on the Salmon River. Wade style fishing the normal thing on the Salmon River, but drift boats are seen every day on the river. Drift boating is definitely  a more western style to fish. I learned to work the oars on the Yellowstone River in Big Timber, Montana. I fish the river very much like would out in the western states. I don’t use plugs or spoons to fish the salmon. Float fishing with spinning rods or getting a great drift with a fly rod is the name of the game for me.