Getting started 

So let’s start off with where I’m at right now. I’m sitting in a ground blind hoping to God a deer walks out. The weather is back and forth between rain and ok weather. Currently in upstate New York we’re experiencing an Indian summer. Conditions have been warm the past few days. Which is not conducive to stellar deer movement. Which I’m sure we all know. I have trail cam activity on all my major spots. Deer moving during the late night and early day time hours. Right now, it’s a sit and wait game. Pre-rut activity is not prominent in my area yet. The bucks are just not raring to go. Be hopeful. We are moving out of our full moon cycle toward a new moon. Saturday October 29th marks the start of our new moon. I suspect deer activity will increase in the coming weeks from being nocturnal movements to more daytime movement. We are also on the front edge of a cold front moving our way in New York state. Expect that high pressure to be here around late Sunday night. Hopefully that low pressure will help get the deer moving. Good luck out there. More to come.


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