Rio Gallegos Update

Well, I have had the opportunity to test these waders out for a few outings. Nothing crazy, but a lot of walking, covering lots of water, and battling cold temps. I have to say that I was pleasantly more impressed with these waders after wearing them, than I initially was. Being a die hard Simms fan, I wasn’t sure how I felt about switching brands of waders. These waders are comfortable, warm, and shed water fantastically. I can layer up very nicely in these wader, due to their larger size. The large bootie option is unmatched, in my opinion. That alone is a day saver when it’s cold out. My coldest trip so far was Wednesday November 23rd. It was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature with 38 degree water. Needless to say, your feet get cold regardless. What can’t complain about is the amount of time it took for that to happen in these waders. It took nearly 4 hours of being in the water for my feet to start getting cold to the point that I needed to start walking around to warm them up. That is pretty much double the amount of time it took in my Simms. The smaller bootie on the Simms really does restrict blood flow to the foot. Which in turn makes them much colder, much faster. The bootie on the Patagonia’s alone are worth the investment. The H2No technology is, in my opinion, comparable to the Gore-Tex on the Simms. Extremely comparable in that respect. The waterproof pocket is a huge plus on the Patagonia’s as well. The major flaw I have with them is the strap system. I like the fact that the straps are integrated and are easily converted to hip waders. However, the loss of the buckle makes putting these waders on, kind of annoying, especially when nature calls and they need to come down. The locking system in the straps is also a little annoying. Not so much the front locks on the straps, but the back lock. It’s hard to get to and you may need an additional person to get the lock to stay.

You can’t beat the features on these waders. I still love my Simms, though. My Simms will probably be my wader of choice come late spring/ early summer. I’ll keep my initial review rating of 4.5/5. Just for the simple fact that straps are annoying. In the grand scheme of things, though, it’s a minor detail. These waders are rock solid and get the job done, especially in challenging conditions.

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