Journal Entry October 27, 2016

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

-Dalai Lama-


A few months ago I celebrated my 25th birthday. I am at the point in my life where I am smack dab in the middle of late adolescence and early adulthood, at least mentally. I have had worthy enough experiences where I feel I can start putting my thoughts down for others to read. It may help it may not. I have begun my second year as an educator and my second year as husband. Both with their fair share of ups and downs, but I would never trade those for anything. My wife and I returned from our second trip from the Florida Keys on August 12th, 2016.

If you were to walk around my house you would see that I am in love with the outdoors, especially fly-fishing. Not nearly as in love as I am with my wife. Which brings me to my point of this entry. She tolerates this obsession I have with the outdoors. Obsession is a good word for it. She allows me to continue my passions for being out in nature. Most of my greatest inspirations happen while I’m in pursuit of fish or other game. During my time in the Keys I had this epiphany. I remember the day, August 4th, 2016. I starred off into the distant crystal blue water of the Florida backcountry. I pondered my life and asked if I was truly happy where I was in my life. I am a wrestles soul by nature and have never been one for sitting still for to long. When I am casting a fly I am at peace. I reflect on decisions and mistakes I’ve made. There are always opportunities to grow and get better at whatever it is that you do. Constantly reflect on yourself. You have to learn to make yourself happy before you can begin to make someone else happy. I am, for the most part, happy with who I am as a person and where I am at in life. I have doubts and concerns, just like everyone does, but I work through them. I constantly ask if what I am doing is the right thing, for me, and everyone involved.

The point is, make yourself happy. We choose to be outdoors becomes it stirs something inside us. Some do it for the trophy. Some, like me, do it to be at peace when all else seems to be a problem. If you’re in a relationship with someone who is obsessed with being outdoors, even if it’s not your thing, ask him or her about it. Be involved with them with their passion. Experience it for yourself and see what they see. I know my greatest times outdoors are with those I love, especially my wife. There is something special about experiencing your passion with someone you love.

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