Journal Entry October 31, 2016

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

-Martin Buber-

   I have often wondered what uprooting and selling most of my belongings would be like. Buying a camper and traveling to see the many places our country and world have to offer. Then I considered what “seeing the world” really meant. To me, the world can be different for everyone. I guess what I am trying to say the world is more than just some terrestrial rock floating in space. Our world can be both physical and spiritual. My world revolves around three things. My family/friends, the outdoors, and culture. On that order. Find friends who are like family. The friends whom I have come to love the most are more like family than friends. I have a small loyal group of friends. Each with their own little things I can take away from them. Patience, wisdom, calmness, knowledge, just to name a few. All my friends and family inspire me in some way. We encounter one another for a reason, in my opinion. Whether you believe in a high power or not, you cannot deny the fact that for some other worldly reason, you are attracted to those who compliment you in some way. It’s an indescribable phenomenon that I don’t think we will ever figure out. Surround yourself with those who make you a better person, and whom you can learn from. That is the greatest gift they can give you and also the greatest gift you can give them. I guess I’m a teacher at heart, in more ways than one. Take every chance encounter and really think about why that person entered your life. Some of the greatest friends I have were met by sure coincidence. We may have worked in the same building and has students in common or had been placed in the same testing room. Maybe a sports team where only a few stood out and kept in touch, even after a short time. I am not a wealthy person in a monetary sense. I am average in my financial bracket. However, I am rich. My uncle once said to me in response to someone thinking I had a lot of money, “Tell them you’re rich in family”. I am rich in family. A family that means the world to me. I think that’s why I have the urge to travel. I want to meet people. I like to make connections. That’s why I love teaching. That’s why I love fishing and hunting. Fishing and hunting will inevitably bring you closer to someone. You have a common interest and passion. In closing, take every encounter with people with an open heart and see what they have to offer.

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